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Gift Ideas

Peak Oil Prep Gift Ideas

Into an attractive, and of course reusable, gift basket, place one copy (at least) of Peak Oil Prep and add one or more of the following:

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (available almost everywhere)
  • Packets of heirloom, non-hybrid vegetable seeds (available at your local garden shop)
  • Local currency (if your community has it)
  • Medicinal Herb Package (maybe available locally - try a garden shop or health food store)
  • Gift certificate for local family farm produce
  • Sprout Kit (try garden shop or health food store)
  • Carbon-emission "pass"
  • Silver (or gold) coins from your local coin shop
  • Cloth shopping bag (from a locally-owned grocery store)
  • Catnip Seeds (try local pet and garden shops)
  • Meditation Music CD (check local music stores, health food stores and massages spas)
  • One of the many books we list on this site and in the Peak Oil Prep book
  • Box of assorted herb teas including tea for helping get to sleep (local health food or grocery store)
  • Low-flow shower head (local hardware store)
  • One-month pass for your local public transit system
  • Kill-a-Watt (monitor electricity use)
  • A clothesline—maybe a retractable one (local hardware store)
  • Solar battery charger (try local hardware store)
  • Wind-up radio
  • Package of condoms (local drug store)


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